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Luc (Matt Battaglia) and Eric (Jeff Wincott) Deveraux

Eric Deveraux is a fictional character in the non-canon Universal Soldier universe. Eric appears in the 1998 movie Universal Soldier II: Brothers in Arms and a clone of Eric is in Universal Soldier III: Unfinished Business.

After Eric is declared Killed in Action, he is not seen again until his brother Luc Deveraux finds him in suspended animation in the UniSol submarine base. Eric (GR-5) is freed from suspended animation and helps his brother and love interest Veronica Roberts obtain information about the Universal Soldier program in order to use it as evidence to clear them of any wrong-doing.

Early Life[]

Not much is known of Eric's early life except that he, like Luc, grew up on a Louisiana farm and had a strong pride in fighting for his country. Eric is the elder of the Deveraux sons and is believed to have been a strong influence on Luc's conviction to fight in Vietnam.

UniSol: GR-5[]

With the sequential order of GR Units in Universal Soldier II & III, Eric Deveraux is the fifth deceased soldier to be brought into the Universal Soldier program. GR-5 was found decomissioned in suspended animation by GR-44 and freed. GR-5 helps his brother Luc and Veronica Roberts escape the submarine base where he was stored with evidence that would blow the lid on the Universal Soldier project.

GR-5 is understood to be a prototype to the contemporary Universal Soldiers. While in suspended animation he was found to have a mortal wound in his midsection that should have healed under the application of sub-zero temperatures. GR-5 is also unlike the other GR units to follow: his personality and cognizance remained mostly in tact after the process to turn him into a UniSol


Eric is killed on the Mentor's orders. In Universal Soldier III: Unfinished Business GR-87 is a young clone that is undergoing intense training as a Universal Soldier from the get go. GR-87 is given age and muscle enhancers to speed up the incubation process to get him battle ready. As GR-87 is dispatched to dispose of GR-44 and Veronica Roberts and as he is revealed to them he is noted as being a clone from the genetic material of Eric Deveraux (GR-5). He proves to be an efficient soldier who is serving his programming well. After the climax of the battle GR-87 begins to recognize Luc and fights the programming. Having proven he is ineffective in killing GR-44 and Veronica Roberts, an explosive planted in GR-87's chest is detonated and he is killed.


Eric Deveraux and GR-87 and played on screen by Canadian actor Jeff Wincott.