Character Information
AKA Sierra
Date of Birth
First Apperance Universal Soldier: The Return
Last Apperance Universal Soldier: The Return
Significant Other Luc Deveraux (partner)
Status deceased
Portrayed By Kiana Tom
Maggie was a supporting character of Universal Soldier: The Return, serving as Luc Deveraux's partner.

She was played by fitness guru Kiana Tom.

Role Edit

Maggie had been through countless hours of training with Luc over for the new UniSols 2500. She also harbors a hatred towards Romeo due to his lust towards her and his attempt to rape her during their last training hours.

It wasn't until S.E.T.H. rebelled against the military to avoid a shutdown. As such, Maggie is forced to evacuate to avoid being shot down, taking Luc's daughter Hilary with her. However, Hilary ends up getting a brain swelling after being almost attacked by Romeo, and after warding off Romeo, Maggie takes Hilary away to safety.

Taking Hilary to a hospital, Maggie is informed that the swelling can be stopped with a procedure, but that the doctors need the parents' permission first. Maggie tried to call Luc about Hilary's condition, but can't get through to him. She then sends a voicemail to Luc's house, unaware that Romeo has went there and received it. With that in mind, Romeo gets to the hospital and spots Maggie sitting next to a comatose Hilary. Without hesitation, Romeo kills Maggie with a single blow on her face, much to the horror of a witnessing Luc. Hilary then gets kidnapped by S.E.T.H., who takes her to the Uni Sol building.

When Luc arrives back to the Uni Sol building to rescue Hilary, he is horrified to learn that Maggie has been revived as a Uni Sol (going by the name Sierra). Maggie attempts to stop Luc from stopping S.E.T.H., but receives a shot on the chest, much to Luc's grief. She soon recovers from the shot following S.E.T.H.'s death, and witnesses Romeo beating out Luc. However, being freed from S.E.T.H.'s control, Maggie shoots Romeo and tells Luc to take Hilary and leave, as she doesn't want to live the rest of her life as a killing machine. Honoring Maggie's wishes, Luc sets off the bomb to destroy the building, and Maggie quietly accepts her fate as she, Romeo and the other Uni Sols are incinerated to their deaths.

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