Universal Soldier Wiki
Character Information
AKA Sierra
Date of Birth
First Apperance Universal Soldier: The Return
Last Apperance Universal Soldier: The Return
Significant Other Luc Deveraux (partner)
Status Deceased
Portrayed By Kiana Tom

Maggie was a supporting character of Universal Soldier: The Return, serving as Luc Deveraux's partner.

She was played by fitness guru Kiana Tom.


Maggie had been through countless hours of training with Luc over for the new UniSols 2500. She also harbors a hatred towards Romeo due to his lust towards her and his attempt to rape her during their last training hours.

Luc and Maggie then attended a meeting with Dr. Dylan Cotner and General Radford, where they learned that the U.S. government is planning to shutting down the Uni Sol project due to budget cuts. Cotner and Radford argued about the plan, which Maggie finds this to be disgusting as she leaves with Luc.

It wasn't until the next day, S.E.T.H. rebelled against the military to avoid the shutdown. This resulted the deaths of many occupants; even Cotner, a technician named Peterson, and a cameraman are electrocuted to death while trying to shut down S.E.T.H. As such, Maggie is ordered by Luc to evacuate his daughter Hilary. However, Hilary ends up getting a brain swelling after being almost attacked by Romeo. Fortunately, Maggie fights off Romeo and takes Hilary away to safety.

Taking Hilary to a hospital, Maggie is informed by the doctors that the swelling can be stopped with a certain procedure, but they need the parents' consent first to proceed with it. Maggie tried to call Luc several times about Hilary's condition, but can't get through to him. She then sends a voicemail to Luc's house, unaware that Romeo has went there and received it. With that in mind, Romeo informs S.E.T.H., and they get to the hospital, where they murdered several security guards and orderlies. Romeo then spots Maggie sitting next to a comatose Hilary and brutally kills her with a single blow on her face, much to the horror of a witnessing Luc. Hilary then gets kidnapped by S.E.T.H., who takes her to the Uni Sol building.

When Luc arrives back to the Uni Sol building to rescue Hilary, he is horrified to learn that Maggie's body was taken to the building, where S.E.T.H. has placed a neural implant inside her brain, reviving her as a Uni Sol (going by the name Sierra). Being forced into loyalty for S.E.T.H. thanks to the implant, Maggie attempts to stop Luc from confronting S.E.T.H., but Luc is forced to shoot her in the chest, knocking her out. Despite this, Luc briefly mourns for Maggie as she suffered the same fate that he once had as a Uni Sol. Eventually, Luc confronts and kills S.E.T.H. by shattering him into pieces in liquid nitrogen, freeing Maggie from S.E.T.H.'s control and avenging those who perished by S.E.T.H.'s wrath.

Despite S.E.T.H.'s demise, the remaining Uni Sols remain active; even an angry Romeo catches and defeats Luc in combat, intending to kill him in revenge for S.E.T.H.'s demise. However, a recuperating Maggie confronts Romeo and shoots him in the chest, freeing Luc in the process. Despite being grateful towards Luc for freeing her, Maggie tells Luc to leave with Hilary and destroy the building with herself and the remaining Uni Sols inside, saying that it's too late for herself as the implant cannot be removed from her brain and that she won't spend the rest of her life as a killing machine.

Knowing that Maggie was a close friend who risked her life protecting Hilary from harm, Luc bids farewell to her one last time and reluctantly honors her wishes by setting off a time bomb (provided by Radford) to destroy the building. As such, Maggie calmly accepts her fate as she perishes to her death in the explosion, avenging herself as Romeo and the other Uni Sols end up being perished to their deaths as well.