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The Universal Soldier program, also known as UniSol, was a top-secret U.S. project to create a new kind of soldier.

Black Tower[]

The UniSol program originates from the Black Tower program, which is conceived by Dr. Christopher Gregor. A UniSol can be created by Hyper-Acceleration, which is divided into 3 steps:

  • "Freeze" - cooling down the body with a nitrogen-based gas.
  • "Repair" - speeding-up of the cellular activity on a genetic level. Obtained by electromagnetic field manipulation intercrossed with injection of a special serum providing enzyme stimulation.
  • "Reheat" - triggering the physiological reactivation through thyroid and pituitary augmentation (via serum).

Black Tower results with the creation of 2 kinds of UniSols:

  • Series 1 and 2: The original UniSols. Luc Deveraux, Andrew Scott, and all the UniSols from the original film were part of these series.
  • Series 2500: The UniSols from Universal Soldier: The Return. They are more powerful than the original UniSols. Also, Hyper-Acceleration was done through nano-technology and they are 'controlled' by S.E.T.H. They are created by Dr. Dylan Cotner.

White Tower[]

The White Tower 'suspended' the Black Tower program. The White Tower program was led by Dr. Robert Colin under Dr. Porter's supervision. Using gene therapy techniques developed during Dr. Colin's research, a D.N.A. tune-up from the inside out provides UniSols with a responsive organism and superior physical capabilities.

White Tower results with the creation of the NGU.

List of Known UniSols[]

Name / GR Movie Tower Actor
GR-13; Andrew Scott Universal Soldier, II Black Dolph Lundgren; Andrew Jackson
GR-44; Luc Deveraux Universal Soldier; II, III, US:TR & US:R Black Jean-Claude Van Damme; Matt Battaglia
GR-74 Universal Soldier Black Ralf Moeller
GR-55 Universal Soldier Black "Tiny" Lister
GR-61 Universal Soldier Black Simon Rhee
GR-86 Universal Soldier Black Eric Norris
GR-80; Peterson II Black Eric Bryson
GR-81; Martinez II Black Kevin Rushton
GR-82; Cooper II Black Desmond Campbell
GR-5; Eric Deveraux II Black Jeff Wincott
GR-88; Mentor III Black Burt Reynolds
GR-83; Grace III Black Claudette Roche
GR-84; Hugo III Black Lloyd Adams
GR-85; Lowell III Black Vincent Corazza
GR-86; General Clancy* III Black Thomas Hauff
GR-87; Eric Deveraux Clone III Black Jeff Wincott
Romeo US:TR Black Bill Goldberg
S.E.T.H. US:TR Black Michael Jai Whte
Maggie US:TR Black Kiana Tom
NGU US:R White Andrei Arlovski
Unisol 1 US:R Black Travan Millenov-Troy
Unisol 2 US:R Black Jon Foo
Unisol 3 US:R Black Danko Jordanov
Unisol 4 US:R Black Dian Hristov
Andrew Scott Clone US:R White Dolph Lundgren

US:TR = Universal Soldier: The Return; II = Universal Soldier II, III = Universal Soldier III, US:R = Universal Soldier Regeneration

* - Universal Soldier: III is non-canon and so GR-86 is not the same GR-86 that appeared in Universal Soldier