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{{Infobox film
|title = Universal Soldier
|image = [[File:Universal_soldier_poster.jpeg|250px]]
|caption =
|director = [[Roland Emmerich]]
|writer = Richard Rothstein (story)<br />Christopher Leitch (story)<br />
Dean Devlin (screenplay)
|cinematography =Karl Walter Lindenlaub
|editing by =Michael J. Duthie
|studio =IndieProd Company Productions<br />
Studio Canal<br />
Centropolis Film Productions <br />
Carolco Pictures<br />
|rating = R
|release date = July 10, 1992
|runtime = 102 mins
|budget = $23,000,000 (estimated)
|gross = $101,200,000 (Worldwide)
|imdb_link = 0105698
'''Universal Soldier''' is a 1992 American science fiction action film directed by [[Roland Emmerich]] and starring [[Jean-Claude Van Damme]] and [[Dolph Lundgren]] as soldiers who kill each other in Vietnam but are reanimated in a secret Army project along with a large group of other previously dead soldiers.
The film spawned an [[Universal Soldier (Film Series)|entire franchise]] of sequels, both official and unofficial.
==Plot Summary==
During the Vietnam War, [[Luc Deveraux]] ([[Jean-Claude Van Damme]]), hoping to be sent home, comes upon blood-crazy [[Andrew Scott]] ([[Dolph Lundgren]]), who is starting a one-man genocide program. When Luc tries to stop Scott's carnage, Scott fights back and they end up killing each other. But now the government gets involved, cryogenically freezing their corpses and using their bodies in a secret government project call "UniSols" --turning the dead men into android fighting machines. Luc and Scott are now metallic fighting members of a robot SWAT team. But Luc begin to have flashbacks to the final moments of his life in Vietnam, as does Scott, who recalls that one of his final thoughts was to kill Luc. Meanwhile, a snoopy reporter named [[Veronica Roberts]] ([[Ally Walker]]) stumbles upon the secret of the UniSols, and soon Luc is trying to save both himself and Veronica from the wrath of Scott, who is trying to kill them both.
*The ultimate weapons of the future have just declared war... on each other.
*The future has a bad attitude.
*Almost human...Almost perfect...Almost under control.
*Robots runs amok
*Genetically enhanced machines.
*[[Jean-Claude Van Damme]] as [[Luc Deveraux]] / GR44
*[[Dolph Lundgren]] as [[Andrew Scott]] / GR13
*[[Ally Walker]] as [[Veronica Roberts]]
*Ed O'Ross as Colonel Perry
*Michael Jai White as Soldier
*Tommy "Tiny" Lister as GR55
*Eric Norris as GR86
*Jerry Orbach as Dr. Christopher Gregor
*Leon Rippy as Woodward
*Ralf Möller as GR74
*Robert Trebor as Motel-owner
*Gene Davis as Lieutenant
*Joanne Baron: Brenda
*Kristopher Van Varenberg as Young Luc Deveraux (uncredited)
*Rance Howard as John Devereux
*Lilyan Chauvin as Mrs. Devereux
*Though they're all supposed to be American the Universal Soldiers are played by a Belgian (Van Damme) a Swede (Lundgren) and a German (Ralf Moeller).
*The first screenplay was initially called "Crystal Knights".
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|[[File:Dolph Lundgren( Universal Soldier)|300px]]
|Theatrical Trailer
|Clip - [[Dolph Lundgren]] in Supermarket

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